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Old friends.
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starkravingdowney asked: I saw your cyber bullying post, I received a LOT of it when I was in school, at 20 years old I thought I was past all of the playground pranks but lately I've been receiving so much abuse over things so menial. I met my idol and received death threats, he faved my tweet and I had people telling me they were going to kill me. I'm not sure why, but my anxiety is through the roof and I guess i'm glad you made that post. I dont know what to say. Sometimes I need to talk about it.

I’m so sorry to hear that! People can be awful and no one should have to go through that. If someone is bullying you, my best advice would be to just turn off your phone/computer and try your best to ignore everything, even if that’s extremely difficult (I know it can be for me!). I find it sad that people feel the need to be mean to others online, but sadly, many people do engage in cyberbullying. If you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here for you and I’m so glad that my post is positively affecting others!